Monday, February 2, 2009

Bace yg Post bwh lu

(On Jan 9, 2009, Rob commented on Open Letter to Barack Hussein Obama President-elect of the United States of America - this is my reply) )

Dear Rob,

1. I hope this is your name. I am always saddened by the ignorance of the average American. Yet America is so powerful that directly or indirectly it rules the world. For a country with ignorant people to rule the world it is an unmitigated disaster.

2. Clearly you have never been to Malaysia. But if I may say so we are not obsolete. But I admit we have only primitive weapons for our defence. You can, with a few nuclear bombs wipe our country from the surface of this earth.

3. Sorry for the 3,000 of your innocent citizens incinerated in their place of employment. At least three of those incinerated were actually Malaysians. I understand hardly any Jews were in the building. They were not incinerated.

4. But consider the 300,000 Vietnamese, 50,000 Afghans, 100,000 Iraqis whom you have killed. Mostly they were not soldiers. They were not working in the offices either. They were babies, schoolchildren, sick men and women in hospitals. Of course they could all be terrorists, including the babies and the schoolchildren.

5. Who are terrorists? Are they only the suicide bombers? What about the countries, which sent their soldiers, air force, navy with tanks and guns and rocket launchers, and bomber and fighter planes to shock and awe and to kill people by the thousands. Aren't their victims (the children, old men and women, the sick in the hospitals) terrified when they hear bombers flying above, when bombs and shells burst around them, killing their fathers and mothers, their brothers and sisters; when any time they themselves would be blown to pieces. Aren't they terrified?

6. If they are terrified aren't the people who terrify them also terrorists? If you have a right to kill "terrorists" (also to detain and torture them), then they have a right to kill the terrorists who attacked and kill them and their people. I don't like terrorism but I also don't like terrorism by Governments. Both terrify.

7. We are primitive of course because we defend ourselves with primitive weapons. You train your children to kill by launching rockets from a thousand miles away, bombing with planes beyond the range of the primitive guns of your victims. You don't have to be frightened of us. But we must be frightened of the murdering bullies whom you think so highly of.

8. Saddam had killed people and buried them in mass graves. You kill many times more Iraqis, Afghans and Vietnamese and left them unburied, to rot and to be eaten by dogs. Remember My Lai?

9. May I know who were fed to the lions by Saddam. You must be absolutely ignorant if you are not aware how unfettered capitalism has actually destroyed your own country.

10. Yes the United Nations is a waste of money. That is because the US prevents it from carrying out its work to restore peace and justice in this world.

11. I think you need to go to school to improve your knowledge and understanding of what is happening around you, not American school of course because obviously they don't teach anything beyond glorifying the genocides perpetrated by you throughout history.

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